Tools & Data

Several models and applications have been developed in context of the previous open_eGo project, resulting in a toolchain. These data and tools provide the basis for eGon. The data and data models were created and processed in different modules named data processing and ding0. Additional external open-source tools such as osmTGmod were applied. Two modular planning tools (eTraGo and eDisGo) focusing on different grid levels were developed. They are combined in the inter-grid-level planning tool eGo to investigate viable grid expansion scenarios. All data sets are open data and available in the open energy database (oedb) as part of the open energy platform — OEP. The grid planning tools access the oedb to retrieve and store data. The codes of the developed tools are open source and available on GitHub.

Toolchain representing the relationship between the various models and applications

Our tools

Within open_eGo, we've created a family of three grid planning tools for integrated modeling of transmission and distribution grid level:


The open-source tool eTraGo optimizes grid and storage expansion on the German 380, 220 and 110 kV voltage levels for future power system designs.



With eGo, an integrated optimization of flexibility options and grid extension is assessed by linking transmission grid planning of eTraGo with distribution grid planning of eDisGo.


A distribution grid planning tool based on PyPSA. It offers automatized grid reinforcement, battery integration, grid-supportive curtailment and can deal with time series.

Our data

The data is characterized by a high spatial resolution suitable for energy system modeling. It is available through the oedb. You can find some important data sets listed in the following table.


The OpenEnergyPlatform is an open-data platform used by energy researchers to publish data in an accessible manner.